One Investor wrote a $125,000 check over breakfast to Twilio — now i …

During the dot-com days in the 1990’s the biggest gains came after a company went public. These days, according to the Wall Street Journal, far more wealth is being created as private companies raise financing from venture capital. “At least 78 of such companies is worth at least $ 1 Billion apiece, up from 49 years ago.)

Great investors often move with conviction and speed. In the case of Twilio ( a fast-growing “cloud communications” company. It offers cutting-edge ways for companies to communicate with their customers (app notifications, text messages, etc.).

Business Insider recently reported that one investor liked Twilio so much that it wrote a $125,000 check for its seed investment during breakfast.

“We wanted to make it clear that we were in because we were so enthusiastic,” Bessemer Ventures’ partner Byron Deeter told Business Insider. “That just anchored our relationship and we took it from there.”

After joining all subsequent investment rounds for Twilio, that same investors stake is worth $500 Million (as of Friday’s closing share price)

As far as CEO Jeff Lawsons stake in Twilio? Well, it gives him a fortune that approaches $500 million, he’s halfway to personal unicorn status. If Twilio’s stock doubles yet again, Lawson will be a billionaire.  Says Lawson: “We are absolutely just getting started.”


According to Byron Deeter, he says: “Look at a business liked a LinkedIn or Eloqua or Shopify that weren’t possible without Cloud. Or even new business models like a Twilio where Platform-as-a-Service capability API developer-centric business just fundamentally changing business model and delivery model.

And those are the types of businesses that we think have to blaze a trail. It’s harder but ultimately they can have very disruptive economics as well if successful.”

“Participants in pre-IPO trading estimate that $10 billion to $30 billion in stock changed hands last year.”

— The Wall Street Journal