Wish is the leading mobile commerce platform in North America and Europe. Their mission is to give everyone access to the most affordable, convenient, and effective shopping mall in the world. By leveraging a competitive global supply chain of direct suppliers and avoiding retail costs we are offering anyone with a smartphone access to tens of millions of affordable goods. By making Wish available on smartphones we are putting this digital shopping mall directly in the pockets of tens of millions of consumers. Finally, by leveraging big data principles and technology from advertising and search they are creating a relevant, entertaining, and personalized browsing experience for each individual consumer which leads to effective shopping on all iOS and Android devices.


  • Sep 20, 2017 / Venture Round – $250M
  • Nov 4, 2016 / Series F – $500M
  • Jun 3, 2015 / Series D – $500M
  • Jun 21, 2014 / Series C – $50M
  • Nov 21, 2013 / Series B – $19M
  • May 21, 2012 / Series A – $8M
  • Mar 3, 2011 / Angel Round – $1.7M


The team, comprised of former Google, Facebook, and Yahoo engineers has first-hand experience in building industry leading consumer products such as Facebook as well as multi-billion dollar self serve platforms such as Google Adwords.

The Wish merchant platform makes it easy to effortlessly generate sales.

With state of the art recommendation technology and high quality data this enables any existing Amazon.com, eBay, or independent online merchant to reach a very relevant set of qualified consumers for their products and generate a high volume of sales within days or even hours of creating their merchant accounts.