Virgin Hyperloop One

Virgin Hyperloop One

VIrgin Hyperloop is inventing the technology of the future of transportation and to make sure we get it right we have developed unique testing capabilities. Whether it is state of the art wind tunnels, levitation rigs or electromagnetic test stands our world-class engineering team has built them in record time. We’re building the 5th mode of transportation – right here, right now.


Sci-fi writers and dreamers have long envisioned ways to travel at high speeds through low-pressure tubes. Rocketry pioneer Robert Goddard in 1909 proposed a vacuum train very similar in concept to the Hyperloop. In 1972, the RAND Corp. conceived a supersonic underground railway called the Vactrain. The idea was waiting for the right combination of talent, technology, and business case to become a reality.


TOTAL FUNDING 2017: $276,200,000

  • Dec, 2017  / $50,000,000
  • Sep 21, 2017 / $85,000,000
  • Oct 13, 2016  / $50,000,000
  • May 10, 2016 /  $80,000,000
  • Feb 12, 2015 / $11,100,000

Traveling together on a humanitarian mission to Cuba, venture investor and entrepreneur Shervin Pishevar and Elon Musk get to talking about Musk’s idea for the Hyperloop, an update on the idea of moving vehicles at high speeds through low-pressure tubes. A few months later at a tech conference Shervin urges Musk to share his ideas with the public.

Elon Musk publishes the Hyperloop Alpha white paper which incites overwhelming industry excitement. Shervin presents it to President Obama, whose science advisors say it’s feasible. Obama says, “Let me know how I can help you.” Read the white paper here.

Hyperloop One, FS Links, and KPMG publish first study of a Hyperloop system proposing a 28-minute link between Helsinki and Stockholm. Read more about it here.

Metalworks opens in North Las Vegas, Nevada and becomes the first Hyperloop manufacturing plant in the world. The 105,000 square foot facility serves as a tooling and fabrication plant to create Hyperloop components. Read more about it here.

Virgin Hyperloop One completed its third phase of testing, achieving test speeds of 387 kilometers per hour. An additional $50 million was raised ahead of its Series C round of funding, bringing the total financing raised to $295 million since its founding in 2014. Richard Branson was named Chairman. Read more about it here.