The social soundtrack to your life.

The digital music revolution is happening right now. revo helps you share the songs that matter with the people you care about most. is the hottest music sharing social application in SoCal.

  • Overlay your favorite songs on video and share them on instagram stories.
  • Tag friends on a vast catalogue of over 30 million songs and connect through shared moments and memories using your iphone camera.

From major artists to upstart indies to your friend’s bedroom recordings, listen to your favorite music and discover new audio that you can’t find anywhere else. Follow friends, top artists, and DJs to hear the soundtrack of their lives. Tag your favorite songs and connect with friends and fans through conversations.

revo allows off-label artists and DJs to give a single, ephemeral listen of their tracks to their fans. You can sync your own music library to your revo collection, then tag anyone in your social graph on songs you think they should hear. You can also request streams from your friends to discover new independent music from artists all over the world. Join our community of the world’s best musicians today.


Tag friends you think should hear a song from your library, Apple Music, or Spotify. It’ll be shared with them and posted on their global feed, and they’ll get a chance to listen to the whole song at their leisure. Whenever you receive a stream to a friend’s song, it will appear in your personal feed for 24 hours. Once you listen to it, it will disappear forever. You can then tag streams back and forth, cultivating intimate music moments in a shared conversation feed.


  • Engage with your friends by tagging them on your favorite tracks, introducing them to music they need to hear right now
  • Find and follow the hottest new independent artists, DJs, remixers, and original music from artists around the world
  • Follow friends to see their music libraries and who they follow
  • Request songs from your friends’ music libraries
  • Track what you’ve listened to on your personal feed
  • When you fall in love with new songs on revo, purchase them from iTunes to keep them forever
  • Search for tracks, artists and other revo users
  • After listening, users are given the opportunity to support artists they like by buying their favorite tracks on iTunes.

It’s easy to get started. Sign up with text and start tagging your friends to create a conversation of shared music moments  you’ll never forget!