METALS.COM is the #1 name in metals.

Our mission is to add value to the global precious metals and base metals industry by setting standards, developing market services and thereby ensuring the highest levels of integrity, transparency and quality.

At the heart of is our world class executive leadership. Our mission is to stimulate and sustain demand for all tangible metals, provide industry leadership, and be the global authority on the metals market.

We are an innovative company that delivers tangible benefits to the metals industry. We are an active force within the market, working with a large and diverse set of partners to create access, drive innovation and stimulate demand, while providing a collective voice for conservative investors. We provide insights into the international metals markets and its role in meeting the social and commercial needs of society. has broad experience and deep knowledge of the factors driving market change. This allows us to operate with insight and act with authority in seeking to resolve industry technical issues, create pro-metals policies and raise standards across the industry.

In these times of extreme uncertainty and rapid change, we enable nations, investors and households worldwide to protect their financial futures by deploying precious metals unique qualities:

  • A constant of value
  • A highly liquid yet scarce asset
  • A safe haven in uncertain times
  • An uncorrelated risk diversifier
  • A hedge against fiat currency depreciation

COMPANY DETAILS is  the most recognized brand in metals and the world’s #1 source of metals information and transparent pricing.

Our industry leading active management demonstrates operational excellence at every point of the consumer experience. Our values have always been a foundation of our Company, governing the way we act, operate and how we interact with our customers, communities and each other.

We relentlessly pursue outstanding and sustainable results and we creatively transform ideas into value. We treat all people with dignity and provide a diverse, inclusive work culture. We work safely, promote wellness, and protect the environment.

Clients praise for its commitment to offering  competitive prices and world class customer service. is a distributor for many Government Mints throughout the world including The Royal Canadian Mint and The Royal Mint,  a government-owned mint that produces coins for the United Kingdom. is pioneering a technology fund for the private space industry to spur asteroid mining to begin by 2030. is the first tangible metals company to announce a fund seeking to invest in and develop asteroid mining probes. Analysts from Goldman Sachs Group Inc. told investors that the price of mining space rocks has never been cheaper. And the potential rewards are enormous: In 2023, a NASA probe will visit one asteroid containing an estimated $10,000 quadrillion worth of iron ore.