Congrats, You’re a Billionaire (WSJ)

Technology we take for granted was worth billions not long ago. The trick is to keep progress going.

The ability to use these same tools to sequence the DNA of tumors and provide precision medicine to eradicate cancers is priceless, something billionaires didn’t have just five years ago. Think about that. You don’t have to compare yourself to living in the smoggy ’70s that no one really remembers (or was that the ’60s, I don’t remember) but you’re a billionaire compared with folks living just a few years into the 21st century.

Or less. The Amazon Echo was introduced only two years ago. The ability to use your voice to get scores of Cubs games or the weather in Sheboygan or emulate Rick’s Café—“some of the old songs, Sam/Alexa”—would require at least 30,000 people employed around the world with real-time connections. A billion dollars at least.

And today, we all have this magic remote control in our pockets and if you push the right buttons prepared food shows up in 15 minutes, a shiny car in three, and it will show you a Pokémon hanging around on a street corner that you can capture. What would it take to create this even a few short years ago? Well, you know.

This is progress on steroids and is coming faster and faster…”


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