Capture The Upside Potential Of Revenue Based Private Equity Companies & MultiFamily Income Real Estate.


The historically attractive return profile of many late-stage venture-backed companies has typically only been available to institutional and high net worth investors. With many high-growth companies staying private longer than ever, a significant portion of their value appreciation typically occurs before their entry into the public markets. 

As volatility remains ever-present and investors search for yield. One asset class has remained tried and true: Multifamily Real Estate. Value-add strategies in the multifamily space remain steadfast and are one of the best hard, non-correlated assets acting as a hedge from inflation and satisfying the need for monthly stable income. 



Slack is a cloud-based set of team collaboration tools and services. Slack is worth over $5 billion.



Spotify is a online music service providing digital content from a range of record labels and artists. 



Lyft is a leading on-demand ride sharing platform that competes with Uber. Drivers are matched with passengers who request rides through the Lyft iPhone or Android app



Palantir was co-founded with Peter Thiel, the PayPal and Facebook billionaire and a handful of PayPal alumni and Stanford computer scientists.

> is a leading news site with website traffic at approximately 106,000,000+ according to data from SimilarWeb.



VIRGIN HYPERLOOP is the Earths 5th mode of transportation led by Chairman Richard Branson. 



Planet is a team of physicists and engineers led by former NASA scientists Chris Boshuizen, Will Marshall, and Robbie Schingler, and now operates the world’s the largest constellation of Earth-imaging satellites. 


> is the world’s leading event technology platform. The company has processed $8B in gross ticket sales since inception and powers millions of events


> is a music sharing app that changes the way friends share video and music moments with friends.

> is the #1 name in all metals.

A leader working with the British Government, Canadian Government and Australian Government on exclusive distribution of coins in North America. 



TOWER EQUITY develops and acquires large income producing multi family units yielding investors monthly fixed income leveraging the jobs act.


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